Benefits of purchasing lab grown diamonds

Whether it be for the ideal wedding ring, a thoughtful anniversary present or a luxury gift for your friend, diamonds are timeless and not going out of trend soon. You might be thinking of getting one for an event that calls for nothing less than the sparkliest of diamonds. However, are you finding it hard to go ahead with the price tags that come with them? Or maybe you feel that the unethical sourcing behind them makes them an irresponsible purchase? That is where lab created diamonds come in! They have every characteristic of a natural diamond, and in some cases, they’re even better! Let us guide you through!

Made in labs

Laboratories provide intensely controlled environments for growing diamonds through procedures commonly known as CVD and HPHT. The processes that make them are monitored carefully. Using the very same elements, it starts off from a small piece of diamond and gradually grows larger. The result is an almost perfect gemstone that has very few defects or anomalies.

Take less time

Diamonds made inside labs take roughly about a month or so depending on their sizes and how they are cut to desired shapes. This is an unmatched amount of time compared to the natural ones that have taken millions of years to form under the pressure and heat inside the earth. The drastically reduced time also means it can be produced in abundance, meaning more people are able to get diamonds and at lower prices too.

Prices are lower

There are multiple reasons for lab grown diamonds Sydney to be much cheaper than natural diamonds. They have shortened the time by an extreme degree which helps to lower the cost as they can be produced more. Growing them via lab procedures also means that there is no mining deep into the earth, use of extensive manpower or large machines involved which effectively cuts down on the costs to a very large extent.

Look beautiful!

They may be man made and rapidly grown, however, these diamonds do not shy away from the stunning visuals. They are just as visually attractive as normal diamonds, and regular people are generally unable to tell the difference between the two. These gems are cut into all the shapes and sizes we know, including the popular round brilliant and cushion cuts, ready to be set into rings.

Better for the earth

Mining for natural gemstones is a massive task that requires machines, unethical labour, and the destruction of land and resources around it. On the other hand, those grown in a lab produce far less pollution or wreckage compared to mining. If you rightfully feel hesitant, then lab grown diamonds Sydney are your best bet!

Are you convinced by the perks of lab diamonds yet? We sure hope you are because they are a deal that shouldn’t be missed!

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